The Bedroom

The Bedroom: 2008-2012



From 2008-2012 I photographed portraits of people in their bedrooms and explored the idea that our bedrooms are reflections of ourselves. The idea of personal space is something that has always held my curiosity. In 2008, I shared my cramped bedroom in Brooklyn with my then eight-year-old daughter for one year. This got me thinking about how we fill and occupy this intimate space, which led to me working on the photographic series called The Bedroom.

In efforts to make the portraits more representative of the US population I have used the 2010 Census data to assist me in choosing my subjects. Although not entirely successful at making my subjects demographically representative of the US, it pushed me to photograph a wide range of people in terms of age, gender, race and location. I photographed out East, in the Midwest, down South and also a US army couple based in Seoul, South Korea.

There are 103 portraits in the completed body of work. The work invites the viewer through voyeurism and self-identification to examine each portrait’s intimate details.