The Book Club: What Would We Do With Lynne Tillman Exhibition

As Colm Toibin observes in the introduction to What Would Lynne Tillman Do?, “Creating space for your own work involves creating space for the work that made a difference to you. This is why artists write essays; they do so to reposition the way we read or the way we respond so that the work they do can be read or seen more clearly. It is the same reason, if there is a reason, plants grow toward light” (14). In The Book Club: What Would We Do with Lynne Tillman?, Peter Beck, Lois Bielefeld, Melissa Dorn, Jaymee Harvey Willms, and Kate E. Schaffer make space for Tillman and each other, just as Tillman creates a rich space of discussion within the context of her book.

This wholistic installation is an experiment in group dynamics and addresses complexity in a made and experienced world. Viewers will experience paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, furniture, and interactive installation. Accompanying the installation will be 5 artist-annotated essays from What Would Lynne Tillman Do? that give the viewer additional insight into the artists’ interactions with the text.

Exhibition runs July 20-September 1
Frank Juarez Gallery
207 E Buffalo St, Ste 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Lois Bielefeld